A Career As an Image Consultant

In recent years, personal image has become highly topical. Firstly there were books and now TV programmes abound on the subject from Trinny and Susannah’s “What Not to Wear” to Gok Wan’s “How to Look Good Naked”. The first major book on image was however, written by Carole Jackson and published in America in 1979. With the title, “Colour Me Beautiful”.

Since then, the number of image consultants across the world has exploded and now over eighty million women have been colour analysed and styled by over 50,000 image consultants.

Image consultants in the UK are usually self-employed and will generally work from studios in their homes, although some can be found in beauty salons or hairdressers. Image training offers the opportunity to work part or full time and can be adapted to fit into any lifestyle. It is an excellent career for mums with children because you can work from home and reduce your workload during school holidays. Image training enables you to earn money whilst still being available for family life. More crucially, it offers outstanding job satisfaction as you change the lives of others.

There are several organisations that offer training for image consultants and broadly there is little to chose between them in terms of their cost. Full image training should not cost more than £3,500 and that includes training in colour analysis, style training and make-up training. Where the various organisations differ is in terms of long term support and, more importantly, the ability to market your business for you.

Your image training will usually take two to three weeks of Monday to Friday courses. This is one of the fastest ways into a new career that exists. Most courses will have between four and eight prospective image consultants. Avoid any training that is offered on a one to one basis, or as a group of just two, because you will benefit hugely from interaction within a group. Also, make sure your training includes several “live” volunteers as these will help to boost your confidence and knowledge.

Once you have completed your image training, it will be up to you to market your new business. The first six to nine months are crucial as you seek to develop and grow your image consultancy. It is during this time that the various image training organisations differ widely in terms of support and marketing. Smaller organisations and individuals who offer training cannot offer the brand awareness or marketing support of the larger organisations. If you train with an individual, you will be left with the full responsibility of marketing your business and finding clients. However, the larger image training companies offer help with promotions and, most crucially, your contact details on their websites.

You will find image consultancy a rewarding and very enjoyable career. One which is flexible to suit your personal lifestyle and one which enables you to earn money all over the world.