Beware – Bitcoin / Forex Scam / Cryptocurrency Millionaires Fraud -

Bitcoin Scam / Forex Scam / Cryptocurrency Millionaires Scam by Vanessa Parker on Instagram.

I was stupid and naive.

Names may be changed for future actions but the concept will be repeated.

Vanessa Parker, Lauren Nicholas and Henrich Jones

Connected with me on Instagram.

Vanessa Parker:

Contact number / WhatsApp: 31 6 87446718

Instagram Account:


Business Coach

- 7 Figures Forex/Binary/Crypto Trader

- Learn How To Make Income At Home

- Netherlands #1 Forex Entrepreneur

Vanessa Parker says she is the #1 trader in the Netherlands

Been doing it for more than 10 years

Her Husband does it also

Has an 8-year-old son

Has a sheltie dog

Promised with a $500 USD investment, it could turn into $5,500 USD in 7 days for a cost of 10% commission on monies earned.

Did a search on Vanessa Parker and found one article warning about her fraud and the initial process that she uses. I stupidly ignored but did mention it to her. She stated:

“That is not me. When you become a celebrity, as I have in my field, being the #1 trader of the Netherlands, there will be haters. There are many people who impersonate me.” All lies… she (if it is, in fact, a she) is, in fact, a fraud and a scam.

Uses a platform called Cloudinmine, that you are required to set up a very simple account. The site promotes itself as a DECENTRALIZED TRADING & INVESTMENT PLATFORM WITH BLOCKCHAIN INFRASTRUCTURE but from first glance looks like a crypto-mining service. Summary, beware anything to do with

She does not explain or mention anywhere how the trading aspect works.

The platform is suspicious: no legal explanation of the site, no privacy policies, no terms of the agreement, no description of the trading platform. Even social media links don’t work.

But it does show a balance of the account for you.

Vanessa Parker asks for all payments to be either transferred in Bitcoin or deposited through a Bitcoin ATM

Says she doesn’t have access to funds personally but can only trade with them

You see the balance of the initial deposit on the screen.

After a few days, it looks like the trading is going well as the balance goes up much faster than expected. This gives you a happy feeling that this is going to work out.

All the time, Vanessa is singing praise and showing Payout examples in the tens of thousands that her clients have received with her.

When your balance gets to a really nice return within the week, a notice comes from Cloudinmine that “unfortunately trading has stopped on your account due to the plan you subscribed to, which is Gold and the account right now can’t receive more than 7000 USD and that there is still another 2900 USD on the way but the account must be upgraded to Platinum for an additional 1500 USD to unfreeze it and it must be done within 48 hours.

Once that is paid, all is good and trading is all good for the remainder of your 7-day period. Of which at the end of it you must pay the commission before you receive the funds back, so don’t be thinking the commission comes out of the profits.

After a deposit of $500 USD and then an additional $1,500 USD, in 7-days I had a balance of $35,607! WOW, score right? Wrong.

After paying the commission of $3,500 USD you are told that your broker will submit a request to Cloudinmine to release the fund to your bank account (if you wish to have it wired. There is an option to have it sent in Bitcoin as well).

But guess what “Withdraw Denied. The request to withdrawal has triggered a need for a private key to resolving it from having a timeout when it’s not ought to. This rarely occurs to accounts with a huge amount of money as yours, you are a click away from having your money… ”

And they show a nice screenshot of a warning report of this stating “Your account has exceeded the termination clause programming on our system… Kindly pay $2,500 USD to acquire your private key.”

I then continue to explain to Vanessa that this is very suspicious and once again very secretive which caused doubt. Also, that paying it will be very difficult. Vanessa is so kind as to offer to help with paying for 50% but I would still need to come up 1,250 USD before earning can be sent.

Vanessa parker than forwards my account to a supposed Supervisor of “The Company”. Enter Ms. Lauren Nicholas (or Lauren Nicolas depending on which account you view):

Contact number / WhatsApp: 33 7 58 46 17 67

Instagram Account:


Marketed as:

- Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur

- 8-Figure Business

- 20+ Countries Visited

- Crypto Millionaire

Who proceeds to ask how she can help and then when I explain my situation, all she can say is “I do not want to hear your story. Just pay it”. She then continues to explain to Vanessa that I assaulted her and does not want to help. And also, returns the assistance payment from Vanessa Parker back to her and tells “The Company” that my broker paid it and to not accept it, because I assaulted her.

Vanessa Parker than forwards me on another supposed Supervisor, Mr. Henrich Jones who once again says nothing but “Just pay up the $1250 so the transfer can be done”.

Contact number / WhatsApp: 49 176 94944975

Instagram Account:


Marketed as:

- Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur

- 8-Figure Business

- 20+ Countries Visited

- Crypto Millionaire

So then, this is paid, another 2,500 USD and I receive this lovely OTP (One Time Password) via text message and told do disclose this to anyone

All go right? Even after guaranties from Mr. Supervisor Henrich Jones and even Ms. Lauren Nicholas (Nicolas).

Perfect, money wire being transferred… Even told by Vanessa Parker that, even though Henrich Jones says it will be transferred “Now” she then says it will be “1 Hour”.

And then guess what, 12 hours later…

An email stating that the “Kuwaiti officials in conjunction with capital fx options securities protecting all middle east and Cloudinmine transactions have placed on your account a tax managerial transfer charge… = another $700 USD and…


And then my profits would be available to be submitted to my bank account in three minutes.

So, obviously I contact Mrs. Vanessa Parker – Forex Trader and Mr. Henrich Jones – Cloudinmine Supervisor, and


No reply to many messages on WhatsApp and Instagram.

So, total paid:

- 500 USD initial investment.

- 1,500 USD Platinum upgrade account because I made to much for Gold level account.

- 3,500 USD commission to Mrs. Vanessa Parker for $35,000 profit of which I have never seen a penny.

- 2,500 USD for OTP (One Time Password) to release profits as the

$8,000 USD LOST.

Be warned of the site “”, it is a scam and a portal for fraud. As well, do not believe anyone who says they will invest in Forex for you and make quick returns. Even if they say they are a Professional and an Expert, especially if they deny these articles and say that they are a top trader and these are just haters and it is not them. DON’T BELIEVE THEM!!! That is what they said to me and BAM = 8k gone.