Guidelines to Follow before Installing QuickBooks Premier

QuickBooks, a bundled accounting software is majorly used by small and medium-sized businesses to get through the accounting needs. The QuickBooks desktop software has various versions designed for specific business purposes and eases the workload of the accounting professionals, CPAs, and bookkeepers.

One of the most used QuickBooks versions is QuickBooks Premier that is preferred by medium-sized businesses to sort out their accounting needs. To get additional benefits like remote access and multi-user collaboration along with those provided by the desktop version of the software, it is advised to opt QuickBooks Premier hosting.

Before installing the QuickBooks desktop version, various requirements ensure the proper functioning of the software. From software compatibility to disk space and processor, there are a few prerequisites for the smooth running of the software. One of the important things to know while installing QuickBooks software versions is they can be connected to both Mac and Windows.

QuickBooks Premier for Mac

Intuit offers QuickBooks for Mac, providing various features close to the Windows version.

The disk space should be at least 250 MB.
The Mac version requires the support of the operating system of macOS 10.14 (Mohave), at the minimal level.
A minimum of 2GB memory is a must but for better functioning, it is recommended to have 4GB.
A core 2 Duo processor is recommended for QuickBooks Premier single or multi-user version.
As per the software compatibility, should have Mac Office 365 or Microsoft Excel 2016, Apple Numbers v3.5 for emailing and exporting report data
QuickBooks for Windows

QuickBooks Premier can be installed on the US version of Windows starting from:

Windows XP(SP2)
Windows Vista (SP2)
Windows 7
Windows 8
The best running software will be supporting Internet Explorer 11.

The server software for QuickBooks Premier runs on Windows versions beginning from:

Windows Server 2011
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2019
It also should support Windows Small Business Server 2011 and 2012 including Windows 10.

The QuickBooks Premier should also support Linux on the server including:

Red Hat Enterprise 7
Fedora 29
OpenSuse 42.3
The Windows version of QuickBooks Premier requires a 2.4 GHz minimum processor and a minimum of 4GB RAM. But it is recommended to have a memory of 8GB as well as disk space of 2.5GB.

Considering the protection and proper working of the software, firewall and anti-virus compatibility should be considered before and after installation. There are various options like:

Windows 8.1 Firewall
Windows Server Firewall
Anyone of the above options can be installed to prevent any kind of attack or corruption.

Hosting QuickBooks Premier

QuickBooks Premier hosting is a good option if you need to enhance productivity as you get the perks of the inbuilt software features as well as the advancement of the cloud. The desktop version is acceptable but most of the businesses prefer cloud solutions for better results. It’s quite easy to get as there are various QuickBooks Premier Hosting services providing excellent solutions that too at very reasonable prices. No matter which accounting application you use, the benefits of the cloud are uncountable and hence it is advised to work with tech advancements including cloud.